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The tools we use to build interfaces for the web browser are pretty low level so if we want to compete with native applications we have to implement everything ourselves on the client-side in JavaScript. This can mean we end up with a lot of code but we can't afford to make our sites clunky.

Managing typographic rhythm consistently across different screen sizes is a designer's favourite but many developer's nightmare. Using the maps feature of Sass I create a simple interface that's for both designers and developers.

One of the main advantages of using a CSS pre-processor is the ability to use variables. Colours are usually one of the first pieces of repetitive code to be abstracted into variables but I like to take colour management one step further and specify the relationship between the colours, a process which I call 'themes'.

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Matt Hinchliffe

I'm a 27 year old UI developer working at Lonely Planet based in London. I specialise in crafting scalable, performance-driven code, tackle accessibility issues and keep an opinionated interest in the latest hotness. I like my tea robustly brewed, white and with no sugar, thanks!