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In part 1 I covered the reasons why I think React is an exciting tool but the code being delivered to the browser in the initial demo failed every basic web performance test. Browserify enables developers to write separate CommonJS style modules, as used by Node.js, with the intention of compiling them into a single file for the browser.

The robustness engrained into key parts of the web stack gets forgotten as we build more dynamic applications, users might not get anything when even a small problem occurs. React provides a straightforward means to creating adaptive-hybrid or isomorphic web applications which can inject robustness back into our projects.

Centring elements horizontally or vertically often works in mysterious ways and one of the seemingly simple layout problems that can make CSS so frustrating to use. This is a battle-tested dropdown menu able to cope with an unknown number of option columns and always centred relative to its toggle using only IE8-compatible CSS.

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Matt Hinchliffe

I'm a 26 year old UI developer working at Lonely Planet based in London. I specialise in crafting scalable, performance-driven code, tackle accessibility issues and keep an opinionated interest in the latest hotness. I like my tea robustly brewed, white and with no sugar, thanks!